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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Future of Project Management in the Next few years

In the Professional Development Day (PD Day) conducted by Project Management Institute Mass Bay chapter on June 19, 2015, there was a great introductory session with more than 100+ participants representing many industries that broke into numerous tables. One of the questions that all the attendees worked on was the top challenges that are facing the field of project managers in the next 10 years.

Synthesizing the various thoughts from these discussions, the following set of challenges evolved where project managers should equip themselves with more knowledge.

  1. Become more business oriented learning strategic thinking
  2. Having to work with remote multinational teams learning the cultural nuances
  3. Become more involved with futuristic technologies learning mobile, service orientation, and security areas
  4. Learning to work with multiple tools for both process and analytics
  5. Understanding agile framework as much as traditional project management framework learning to know when to apply each or a hybrid form
  6. Learning to manage external and internal stakeholders in the business learning to negotiate better
  7. Getting better at managing risks in multifaceted areas (PESTLE) besides just SWOT
  8. Being more accountable for quality to compete with the agile thinking
  9. Promoting project management in organizations much beyond PMP certification
  10. Understanding the impact of growing regulatory environments on projects

These thoughts present insightful forecasting of what is to come both in the project managers that face the clients and the account managers (Ryals, 2012) that should exhibit project management thinking. So, the landscapes around the evaluation of project management competency are rising. For instance, the Project Management Institute is looking at PMI Talent Triangle (Know the details, n.d.) incorporating technical project management as integral component to continuing credit requirements. 

Similarly, Computerworld in an independent study (Pratt, 2014) forecasts the growth of project managers as part of IT skills emphasizing project managers to exhibit both business and technical acumen to oversee large enterprise projects, growth of security and compliance skills, demand for skills in the mobile application and device management, and increase in the knowledge of big data analysis. 

So, competition is rising! How equipped are we in rising to this challenge stepping out of our comfort zone? One or two years from now if we come to read the same blog, what new skills by training and experience would we have gained?

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