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Saturday, March 31, 2018

PICTURE your way to understand Program Manager responsibilities

Frequently, people keep asking what is the role and responsibility of a project or program manager. While the project manager focuses on generating the outcomes contributing to the benefits for the organization, the program manager focuses on integrating the benefits towards the strategic value. Therefore, both the project and program manager should understand the strategic focus of their role in tailoring their responsibilities. 

As the program manager is also held accountable for the operations as part of the benefit management, the primary value the program manager offers is their readiness to adopt strategies to optimize the delivery of benefits to the performing or sponsoring organizations.

Have you heard of the saying, “Picture speaks a thousand words?” So, I used PICTURE as an acronym to describe a few key responsibilities of the role. 

P – Program Definition. This covers the key elements of formulating and planning the program.
I – Interdependencies among program components including operation
C – Communication with the right stakeholders at the right level at the right time facilitating governance
T – Tailor the program management activities and processes by evaluating the outcomes against planned benefits and adapt as frequently as necessary.
U – Comfortable around Uncertainty 
R – Resolve challenges and constraints using a proper governance structure
E - Empower team by enabling them to deliver

How do you relate to this acronym to understand the program manager responsibilities?

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